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Wall Surround, 54" x 27", ABS

  • $27500

Three-piece surround constructed of durable abs plastic with ceramic tile look. Includes integral non-leaking corners and a moulded soap dish inlay on the back panel. Available in white or bone.

Easy to install surround perfect for bathroom remodels; designed to fit either new or existing 54" bathtub or 54" shower base. When installed per the manufacturer's installation instructions provides a watertight enclosure.  Designed to waterproof an existing wall.

53-3/4” back panel width x 27-1/2” end panel width x 57” back panel and end panel height.

Fits with 54" tub or shower base

Installation instructions included.

Materials needed for installation (sold separately):

  • Adhesive that is compatible with polystyrene
  • Plastic drive anchors

Tyree #: 18230A (white)
Tyree #: 18230B (bone)
Ameribath #: P54275K

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