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Wall Surround, 54" x 27", ABS

  • $35900

Three-piece surround constructed of durable abs plastic with ceramic tile look. Includes integral non-leaking corners and a moulded soap dish inlay on the back panel. Available in white or bone.

Easy to install surround perfect for bathroom remodels; designed to fit either new or existing 54" bathtub or 54" shower base. When installed per the manufacturer's installation instructions provides a watertight enclosure.  Designed to waterproof an existing wall.

53-3/4” back panel width x 27-1/2” end panel width x 57” back panel and end panel height.

Fits with 54" tub or shower base

Installation instructions included.

Wall Surrounds are large and are not cost effective to ship.  They must be picked up at our store location.

Materials needed for installation (sold separately):

  • Adhesive that is compatible with polystyrene
  • Plastic drive anchors

Tyree #: 18230A (white)
Ameribath #: P54275K

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