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General Information For Rental Customers

General Expectations:  
We are a small, family owned business.  We are looking for mature people who understand the expectations of a rental relationship.  We want to provide comfortable, clean, well maintained homes. and respond to maintenance problems in a satisfactory manner.  We want our tenants to be interested in honoring their rental agreement, by making their payments on time, taking care of their home, their yard, and being a good neighbor in their community. 

The Application Process:  
Each adult who will be living in the home must submit a rental application.  We are looking for 5 years history, where you have lived and worked.  We want to get to know you.  The application is the place to explain any perceived shortcomings in your credit, employment or housing history.  We will need verification of the income from each adult.  There is a $5 processing fee per application.   

The Lease:  
Once your application has been approved you will sign a lease agreement. We will take time to read it thru together, to make sure you have a good understanding of the expectations and requirements of the lease.   A sample lease will soon be available on the website.

Deposits and Rent: 
At the time the lease is signed all deposits and first month's rent will be due. 

Renters Insurance: 
Renters insurance is required on all properties and you will need to provide proof of insurance. 

Some of our properties do not allow pets of any kind.  Pets are allowed in select properties on a case by case basis.  In all cases, we would expect your wish to have a pet to be disclosed on the application.  An additional deposit will be required and varies by property, but a minimum deposit of $200 per pet would be required, and an added charge per month of $15.  This amount could be higher depending on the pet and the property. Pets are tremendous companions, but they do take a toll on the home.