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About Us

Life is full of problems!

Plumbing Leak

Things leak, break, don't work, or don't work as expected.  

We have been in the property rental business since 1966 and we have experienced these same problems.

Our inventory is made up of parts and supplies designed to repair common operating equipment in residential homes, mobile or manufactured homes, RV's and utility trailers.  We have a very sophisticated philosophy....basically, If we needed it, we put it in inventory.

We began this online effort to showcase items that are more difficult to find.  Many of the items currently listed are specifically designed for Mobile/Manufactured Homes, RV's and Towing.  We will add the traditional residential home items in the future.  Please call if you do not see the item you need listed.

More About Us:

Our business began in 1966 when Windell and Zerah Tyree launched a property rental business to help make ends meet while Windell was attending graduate school.  He found that he enjoyed managing his own business.  He rented residential property and manufactured homes.  He also become a manufactured home dealer, selling new and used homes.  Each of these efforts continue today.  

In the process of trying to take care of the rental property, he found that he could not always find the items needed to make repairs.  Believing that others might be experiencing this same problem, he set out to sell repair parts for common household equipment in residential and manufactured homes.   Over the years the inventory was expanded to include repair parts for recreational vehicles and utility trailers. 

Our business has been built on strong relationships with our customers.   We are new to the online shopping experience, but hope to provide the level of service that our walk-in customers have received for the last 40+ years.