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Vinyl Skirting Panels - Vented White - Sold by Box of 12

Vinyl Skirting Panels - Vented White - Sold by Box of 12

  • $32900

Style Crest Premium Plus Panels are designed to individually lock each panel together for extra strength and secure fit. 

  • Easy to install skirting panels are available in solid or all vent styles
    • Wind-resistant system; special ribbed panel and trim components work together to withstand gusting winds and blowout. 
    • Superior ventilation; center vent panels provide additional support in high-wind areas.
  • 12 solid or 12 vented panels per box; each panel is 16" Wide x 140" Long
    • 66.4 lbs. per box
    • 186.6 sq. ft. / box
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
    • Strong even in extreme weather; extra-thick (.040”), rugged panels stay rigid even in high winds and temperature extremes, including heavy frost.
    • Virtually maintenance free – Weatherproof and dent-resistant panels feature superior color retention.
  • Optional windrods are available for purchase.
  • Panels can also be purchased individually.

Vinyl Skirting is currently not available for shipping.  This product must be picked up at our store location in Missouri. 

Style Crest #: 333331
Tyree #: 435A20

To determine how many panels you need, make the following calculations:

Measure the lineal feet of the area to be skirted.  

Example  16x80 home = 184' lineal feet (16+16+76+76)

Multiply the lineal feet x 12 = Total lineal inches.  

Ex. 184' x 12 = 2,208 total lineal inches

Divide the total lineal inches / 16" panel width = Number of panels sections needed.  

Ex.  2,208/16 = 138 panel sections

Measure you home from the ground to the base of the house, at each corner and halfway down each of the longest sides.  You should have 6 measurements.  Add them together and divide by 6 = Average height of the home off the ground.    

Ex. 24" + 24" + 34" + 37" + 42" + 39" = 200"      

200"/6 = 33.34" average height  

Divide 144"(total height of panel in inches) / Average Height = Number of cuts that can be made in each panel.

Ex. 144" / 33.34" = 4.32 cuts out of each panel.

Divide the number of total panels sections needed / number of cuts per panel = Number of 12' panels needed  

Ex. 138 / 4.32 = 32 total panels needed to skirt the home

This a close approximate figure.  You may need to buy an additional panel or two to make sure you have enough material to complete your job.

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