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Sharkbite Push-Fit Coupling

Sharkbite Push-Fit Coupling

  • $439

Sharkbite fittings were engineered to be a quick connection for variety of pipe types, including Copper, Pex, Polybutylene, and CPVC.  The tubing simply pushes into the fitting and is locked into place.  It is one of the easiest ways of repairing a water leak, perfect for homeowners and contractors alike.

Sharkbite fittings are sized by the inside diameter (ID) of the tubing.  We have listed the the Inside diameter (ID) and the outside diameter (OD) to help you select the right size fitting

Call Size 1/4" ID fits 3/8" OD

Call Size  3/8" ID fits 1/2" OD

Call Size  1/2" ID fits  5/8" OD

Call Size  3/4" ID fits  7/8" OD

Call Size  1" ID fits 1 1/8" OD

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