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Relay Kit, 24VDC, SPST, NO, 1017207, 622671, HF105F

  • $7553

Replacement 24V Coil Power Relay

  • 24 VDC control
  • 30 Amp @ 240V
  • SPST (single pole, single throw)
  • Normally open
  • Includes (2) relay wires with flat terminals

Hongfa #: 622671  HF105F
Nortek: 1017207
Tyree #: 236474

An electric relay in a furnace is responsible for relaying electrical power to the heating elements and the blower motor. The heating element(s) provide the heat to warm the air, and the blower motor moves this warmed air through the ductwork. The thermostat switches the relay to “closed” position when heat is called for, sending electrical power, and then to “open” position when the furnace reaches the indoor target temperature, cutting off the power. The relay is therefore crucial for the furnace’s operation. Relays are usually replaced when the furnace limit switch is replaced.

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