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Freeze Free Cable

  • $29100

FREEZE FREE Pipe Heating System

  • Freeze Free® self-regulating pipe heating cables provide flexible protection against pipe freeze-ups in the most challenging applications. Freeze Free’s cut-to-length technology is ideal for installations that require protection of numerous pipes of varied lengths

  • Freeze Free® self-regulating pipe cables automatically vary heat output according to changes in the surrounding temperature, protecting plastic and metal water pipes against freezing

  • A braided metal jacket provides electrical grounding as well as protection against damage in dry locations

  • Freeze Free cables are rated at 3 watts per foot, 120 Vac at 50°F

  • Connection Kit (Freeze Free Plug with Light and End Seal) - Sold Seperately

Choose from several available cable lengths:

  • 100'
  • 300'
  • Also available in "cut-to-fit" lengths in 1'-0" increments

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