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Capacitors - Dual

Capacitors - Dual

  • $2512

Used as a common run capacitor for A/C condenser motors and compressors.

Three terminals marked "C", "Herm" and "Fan".  

Available can styles: Round

Capacitors are rated by microfarads (uF) and voltage. It is desirable to replace a capacitor with an identically rated capacitor.  Motors operate at maximum efficiency when using a specified capacitor size. However a plus or minus 10 % rule of thumb applies to the microfarad rating when changing out a capacitor. If necessary, the replacement capacitor voltage rating can be higher than specified, but not lower without effecting the capacitor life.

Always replace the run capacitor when installing a new motor. If a defective capacitor is in the circuit the motor will probably not run. If it does run, it will operate as if it is overloaded. The motor speed will be low; it will overheat and probably activate the motor overload protector causing short cycling.

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