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In Loving Memory, Founder Windell Tyree

In Loving Memory, Founder Windell Tyree

In Loving Memory, Founder Windell Tyree

Windell Lee Tyree of Columbia, MO passed from this life on Wednesday, June 1, 2022 at the age of 89. 

Visitation was held on Saturday, June 4 at 1:00pm, Memorial service at 2:00pm at the Church of Christ, 201 S Fairview Rd in Columbia, MO. 

Windell always referred to himself as an ordinary person, but those who knew him considered him quite extraordinary. He was born to a poor family in Elizabeth, Arkansas and grew up with the values and work ethic of a small town farmer; self reliant, hard working, a sharp mental focus, steely self discipline, the perseverance to overcome any obstacle, and if he agreed to something, his word was all that was needed. 

He was the second in his family to attend college, he walked away from an Agricultural Animal Nutrition PhD to start a property rental business, a specialty hardware store, and manufactured home dealership. He was self-taught, creative and innovative. He developed his own point-of-sale business software computer system, wrote business contracts and legal documents, built the building that serves as the company's base of operations, and fixed anything that wouldn’t work. A lifelong member of the Church of Christ, he was a man of deep faith. He loved bluegrass music, taught himself to play guitar and the mandolin, and for 35 years, neither weather, illness, or holidays would keep him from hosting a jam session on Thursday nights with a group of musicians lightheartedly calling themselves the Tyree Basement String Band. Windell persevered through life-long debilitating physical pain to work and provide for his family. Building a business that gave his children a chance to be in business for themselves was the best gift he thought he could give. 

Thanks to Windell and Zerah’s efforts to lay a strong foundation, the 56 year old Tyree family business will carry on. He is survived by his wife of 67 years Zerah Lee Tyree, his children, Boyd Tyree and Rena (Mark) Wegener, his grandchildren Pearce (Beau) Landry-Wegener and Alex (Claire) Wegener, one beautiful great granddaughter, Lili, and an extended network of Tyree and Kerley relatives. 

Windell was preceded in death by his parents, William and Zona Tyree, and all of his siblings: Pete, Harold, OG, Elmo, Eldon, Eldridge, Eugene, and sister, Euna. 

The family of Windell Lee Tyree expresses their sincere appreciation to family and friends for the comforting messages of sympathy, and many acts of kindness extended  during the loss of their loved one.