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Downflow Gas Furnace - Standard Efficiency

  • $1,59000

Designed for manufactured housing applications

The MG1E Series furnace is designed for all sizes of manufactured and modular homes. These units incorporate high efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance. Units may be installed free standing in a utility room or enclosed in an alcove or closet. MG1E Series furnaces are A/C ready, the case includes a cavity to house the A-coil. 

Standard 80% Efficient MG1E Model;  Natural or LP Gas Convertible.

Choose from the following models:

MG1E056F1AAM2  (56,000 BTU input), Tyree #: 2731A5
MG1E070F1AAM2  (70,000 BTU input), Tyree #: 2731A7
MG1E077F1AAM2  (77,000 BTU input), Tyree #: 2731A8
MG1E090F1AAM2  (90,000 BTU input), Tyree #: 2731A9

Electronic Ignition

Air conditioning ready

MG1E Series furnace has a Variable Speed Blower.

Meets Hud Requirements

Physical Dimensions:  76" Tall x 19 3/4" Wide x 23 3/4" Depth

Accessory Items not Included:

Floor Duct Adapter - Attaches base of furnace to duct system

Roof Jack - Critical to the correct operation of the furnace.  Incoming combustion air and exiting exhaust air are routed thru the roof jack.

A-coil, condensing unit, condensing unit pad, refrigeration line set, refrigerant and condensate drain line. Contact us to determine corresponding accessories needed for a complete and fully functioning A/C system.

Furnaces cannot be shipped at this time, they must be picked up at our store location.

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