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Roof Primer - RV Rubber Roof

  • $1320

Kool Seal RV Rubber Roof Primer is a rubberized undercoating formulated with acrylic elastomeric resin, modified with synthetic rubber. It is designed to perform on E.P.D.M. rubber membrane. The rubber-like properties that allow expansion and contraction with the roof provide an excellent surface for application of Kool Seal RV Rubber Roof Top Coat (63-900). This product is a primer and MUST BE TOPCOATED.  Kool Seal RV Rubber Roof Primer is light blue in color and designed to improve the adhesion of Kool Seal RV Rubber Roof Top Coat.

  • Improves topcoat adhesion
  • Protects and extends the life of RV roofs
  • Durable under small shallow ponded water areas
  • Specially formulated for RV roofs
  • Recommended for rubber roofs and E.P.D.M rubber membranes

Choose from a 1 quart or 1 gallon container.

Coverage: E.P.D.M. rubber roof membrane 50 sq. ft. / gallon, aluminum asphalt 80 sq. ft. / gallon

This product cannot be shipped, and must be picked up at our store location.

1 Quart      Kool Seal #: 34 700-4     Tyree #: 471704
1 Gallon     Kool Seal #: 34 700-1     
Tyree #: 471705

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