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Qest Compression Elbow;   Male x Female

Qest Compression Elbow; Male x Female

  • $271

All Qest fittings are sized by the inside diameter (ID) of the tubing the fitting is used with.  We have listed the the inside diameter (ID) and the outside diameter (OD) to help you select the right size fitting:

Call Size 1/4" ID fits 3/8" OD tubing; equivalent to 1/2" pipe threads

Call Size 3/8" ID fits 1/2" OD tubing; equivalent to 1/2" pipe threads

Call Size 1/2" ID fits 5/8" OD tubing; equivalent to 3/4" pipe threads

Call Size 3/4" ID fits 7/8" OD tubing; equivalent to 1" pipe threads

Call Size 1" ID fits 1 1/8" OD tubing; equivalent to 1 1/4" pipe threads

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