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Roof Cement - Plastic - Black, Wet or Dry

  • $338

Premier Wet or Dry Plastic Roof Cement ia a premium grade mastic compound. This material is a blend of selected asphalts, selected fibers and petroleum solvents. This quality product is supplied in a smooth, easy working consistency which adheres to wet or dry surfaces. This product has a high resistance to weathering and provides excellent durability against the stesses and wear to which this product is normally exposed.

Premier Wet or Dry Plastic Roof Cement is especially useful for emergency repairs during inclement weather conditions and can be used for repairing leaks in composition, mineral surface cap sheet, asphalt coated, SBS modified and metal roofs, shingles, concrete, flashings, gutters, around chimneys, downspouts and eaves.  Apply with putty knife.

NOT for underwater applications.

Choose from a 10.1 ounce cartridge, 1 quart, 1 gallon, or 4.75 gallon container.


  • Per cartridge: 15 lineal feet of 3/8" bead
  • Per gallon: 12-1/2 sq. ft. when applied 1/8" thick

This product cannot be shipped, and must be picked up at our store location.

Cartridge       Premier #: PR350   Kool Seal #: 21-405-8   Tyree #: 471300
1 Quart           Premier #: PR350   Kool Seal #: 21-405-4   Tyree #: 471301
1 Gallon          Premier #: PR350   Kool Seal #: 21-405-1   Tyree #: 
4.75 Gallon    Premier #: PR350   Kool Seal #: 21-405-5   Tyree #: 471304