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Vinyl Skirting Trim Kit

  • $21162

With Triple-Lock Design Protection – Look at the Advantages Triple-Lock gives you:

  1. Top Rail Lock: The Everlock 2-piece top rail system is designed for positive performance in severe weather conditions, and traps over-sized panel tabs in a deep locking channel.
  2. Panel Lock: Designed to individually lock each panel together for extra strength and secure fit. Your best guard against blow-out.
  3. Bottom Rail Lock: Designed to firmly anchor super-sized panel tabs in the grooved bottom rail channel. Bottom rail lock does the job when the weather is against you

Trim Kit includes 162 lineal feet of top front, top back and bottom rail.  Mounting hardware is included.  

Choose from White, Beige, and Grey.

Each kit Includes the following:

14 pc  Top Front Trim     11' 7 1/4"

14 pc  Top Back Trim      11' 7 1/4"

14 pc  Bottom Track        11' 7 1/4"

200 screw nails for mounting Top Back Trim

100 spikes for securing Bottom Track


Trim can be also purchased individually.


Vinyl Skirting Trim requires commercial shipping.  Shipping costs will be added after order is placed.

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