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Roof Cement - Acrylic - White

  • $405

Use Kool Seal acrylic patching cement to patch cracks, seams, holes and breaks around metal seams, parapet walls, chimney flashings, gutters, vents, stacks, skylights and air conditioning units.

Storm Patch is a blend of acrylic resin and reinforcing materials designed to stop leaks in damp or dry surface conditions. Its long lasting and flexible patch seals out water, resists mildew and weathering when cured. 

Coverage: varies considerably depending on the type of surface coated and depth of cracks being repaired. In general, an overlayment thickness of 1/16 - 1/8 inch is sufficient.  Apply with brush.

Dry time: exposure to rain or heavy dew: 4-6 hours. Between coats and before foot traffic: 24 hours minimum. Dry time is temperature, humidity and film thickness dependent.

Choose from 10.5 ounce cartridge, 1 quart or 1 gallon container.

This product cannot be shipped, and must be picked up at our store location.

Cartridge      Kool Seal #: 61-220-8    Tyree #: 471360
1 Quart         Kool Seal #: 61-220-4    Tyree #: 471361 
1 Gallon       Kool Seal #: 61-220-1    Tyree #: 471362