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Electric Range Thermostat, Robertshaw, 5455-209

  • $5000

DPST Electric Oven Thermostat Replacement Kit for model RG-1-66

  • SRT thermostat, single range for bake and broil (also called hydraulic)
  • Employs a double pole single throw switch actuated by the hydraulic temperature sensitive bulb
  • Shaft rotation: clockwise to increase temperature
  • Lowest setting is 150 F (warm position)
  • Operating temperature rating of the sensing bult is 550 F
  • Installation instructions included in original box

Replaces Part Numbers:

WB00X0273 WB21X5209 EA-5209 261D-0957-G004 261D-0957-G021 261D-0957-G025 261D-0957-G030 261D0957G004 261D0957G021 261D0957G025 261D0957G030 5455-209 5455209 CAREA5209

Replaces original DPST thermostats made by General Electric and Hotpoint since 1946

  • General Electric WB21X5299
  • Hotpoint F16-547
Robertshaw #: 5455-209
Tyree #: 5121C2

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