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Caulk - White, Self Leveling Sealant

Caulk - White, Self Leveling Sealant

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Self-leveling sealant is a high solids gun consistency material, designed to be used in conjunction with single-ply EPDM membrane roofing. This product is primarily used to fill voids and joints around vents, pipes or penetrations through the membrane.

Color matched, the EPDM lap sealant is UV stabilized to prevent deterioration and discoloration. It will not stain or discolor any material to which it is applied. 

Application: Prior to application, clean the surface of all foreign materials. Allow surface to dry. Use standard caulking equipment to apply self-leveling sealant. In cold weather, warm container at room temperature 60° (16°C) – 80° (27°C).

DO NOT USE as splicing cement or on vertical surfaces. Contains Naphtha.

(1) - 10.3 FL. OZ. cartridge, white

Dicor #: 502LSW
Tyree #: 470012

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