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Trailer Wheel Bearing Protector

  • $2395

The bearing protector replaces the dust cap in the axle hub, which is filled with grease. When trailer wheels are submerged in water, pressure from the spring-loaded piston keeps water out!

  • Includes (2) trailer wheel bearing protectors and (2) Bras
  • Nothing to break or wear out
  • Prevents wheel bearing failure
  • Keeps water and dirt out of hubs and bearings
  • Eliminates the need for bearing re-packing
  • Stainless steel components and chrome plated steel barrel
    • Only steel ensures long-term fit. Plastic or aluminum products won't stay in hubs reliably
  • 100% inspected for proper hub fit; quality construction
  • Automatic pressure control feature prevents hub seal damage
  • Easy installation - instructions included

Bearing Buddy® will last the life of your trailer. The outer barrel is made of steel and is triple chrome plated, internal parts are made of stainless steel. Bearing Buddy® is also available with a stainless steel barrel for maximum corrosion protection. 

    Bearing Buddy #: 41200   Model #: 1718 (1.718")   Tyree #: 413193  

    • Fits outer bearing cones LM11949
    • Fits outer bearing cup LM11910

    Bearing Buddy #: 42100   Model #: 1980 (1.980")   Tyree #: 413195

    • Fits outer bearing cones L44643, L44649, L44640
    • Fits outer bearing cup L44610

    Bearing Buddy #: 43100   Model #: 2328 (2.328")   Tyree #: 41319B

    • Fits outer bearing cones LM67048 (hub not counterbored*)
    • Fits outer bearing cup LM67010

    Bearing Buddy #: 42441   Model #: 2441 (2.441")   Tyree #: 41319C

    • Fits outer bearing cones LM67048, 15123 (hub counterbored**)
    • Fits outer bearing cup LM671010, 15245

    Bearing Buddy #: 42717   Model #: 2717 (2.717")   Tyree #: 41319H

    • Fits outer bearing cones 14124, 14125A
    • Fits outer bearing cup 14276

    * The hole is the same size all the way to the bottom of the hole.
    ** The mouth of the hole is larger than the rest of the hole.

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