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Bearing Buddy Bra

Bearing Buddy Bra

  • $350

The Bearing Buddy® Bra is a vinyl cover that fits over the Bearing Buddy® to contain excess grease and keep it off tires and wheels. Bearing Buddy® trailer wheel bearing protectors (sold separately) have an automatic pressure relief feature so the user cannot overfill or over pressurize the hub with grease. If one attempts to add too much grease to the hub, the excess will escape and can be thrown onto wheels and tires during travel. The Bearing Buddy® Bra prevents this from occuring and can be easily removed for checking hub lubricant level.

Includes (2) Bearing Buddy® Bras

Installation instructions:

  1. Clean out dirt and excess grease from the Bearing Buddy.
  2. Check the lubricant level in the hub by pressing on the edge of the piston. If you can move or rock the piston, the hub has adequate grease. If not, add grease, using a hand grease gun, until the piston starts to move outward, then stop. DO NOT OVERFILL.
  3. Simply press the Bearing Buddy Bra over the Bearing Buddy and you are set.
  4. Periodically remove the bra and check the lubricant level. It is best to check when the hub is cool or just before launching from a boat trailer.
  5. If excess grease accumulates inside the bra, periodically clean it out.  

Bearing Buddy Bra #: 70019   Model #: 19B  Tyree #: 413185  

  • Fits Bearing Buddy 1980 (1.98"), 1938 (1.938"), 1968 (1.968"), 2047 (2.047"), 2080 (2.080"). Bearing Buddy® trailer wheel bearing protectors sold separately.

Bearing Buddy Bra #: 70023   Model #: 23B   Tyree #: 413189

  • Fits Bearing Buddy 2328 (2.328"), 2441 (2.441"), 2717 (2.717"), 2562 (2.562"), 2240 (2.240"). Bearing Buddy® trailer wheel bearing protectors sold separately.

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