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Aluminum Windows

  • $5778

Sized specifically for mobile/manufactured homes 

Primary windows are flush mounted on the exterior wall of the home.  They have an aluminum finish and a removable screen.  The sill is sloped for drainage.

Interior storms are flush mounted on the interior wall of the home.  They are painted white. 

All windows slide vertically, up and down.  The jambs are notched to allow multiple open positions.

Windows are sized by "Buck Size".  This refers to the jamb of the window, the part that recesses into the rough opening.  

Measurements listed are width x height.

Decimal measurements converted to fractions are:

.08 = 1/16"

.25 = 1/4"

.32 = 5/16"

.62 = 5/8"

.75 = 3/4" 

Windows are large, fragile items and currently cannot be shipped.  They must be picked up at our store location.

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