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All Steel Foundation Anchoring System - Lateral Telescoping Arm & Hardware -Mounts to Concrete Pier

  • $5683

Designed to replace traditional earth anchors while providing superior wind resistance.

System components designed to attach to a concrete pier and used with the Longitudinal Hardware Package #467045.  This system replaces the concrete block support column:

  • Bracket - attaches to concrete foundation pier
  • Telescoping Arm - attaches to the opposite I beam
  • I Beam Hardware - attaches Telescoping Arm to I Beam 
  • Installation instructions included

Longitudinal "V" Brace System is sold separately.

Number of systems needed varies with home design.  Anchor systems must be approved by home manufacturer.  

It's confusing, please contact us if you have questions.

Tyree #: 467040 Concrete Set
Oliver Technologies #: 1100 ITCV

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